You wake up on a sandy beach,  a small rocky ridge with 2 waterfalls and a grassy clearing on top next to a palm tree nearby. Looking up, you see a purple medium sized bulky American Wirehair cat with light orange underfur and stripes. You squeak, startled, and then remind yourself you aren't a kit. But there's something intimidating about this cat... "Greetings, Dull-fur. Do you want to join our colorful Clan?" he meows. You manage to muster up enough courage to nod.

"Then let me show you around the camp." he meows again. He beckons you up with his long skinny tail. "I'll guide you through the camp, just NEVER leave my sight until I'm done!" You nod and pass the palm tree, following the purple American Wirehair. "Oh, and my name is Berryleap. Anyway, to the Medicine Cat Den or the Warriors' Den first?"

To choose the Medicine Cat Den first: [1]

To choose the Warriors' Den first: