Also pasteing the actual clan terms because EVERYONE on animal jam has forgot. More coming soon!

General Terms

  • Crowfood is a dead prey animal that has begun to rot, can also be used as an insult.
  • Fresh-kill is recently killed prey animal caught for the purpose of consumption. Fresh-kill caught is placed on the fresh-kill pile or brought to the elders. Elders, kits, queens, and sick cats eat first, then warriors and apprentices. Extras stay in the fresh-kill pile.
  • Gathering is what the monthly meeting of all the Clans when the moon is full is called. The gathering place is the Epic Wonders cave at server Amur.
  • Dull-Fur is a term for normal-furred cat that TropicClan uses.
  • Kittypet is the term for a house cat, one with a collar. Most clans HATE kittypets, but TropicClan invites them to join instead.
  • Loners and Rogues are non-clan but non-kittypet cats. They mostly wander in unclaimed territory, the difference between the two is that Rogues are hostile and loners aren't.
    • Fox-length - About the length of a fox; approximately a yard. (80 cm)[54]
    • Kittenstep or kitstep - About the length of kit's step; approximately an inch or a half inch. (1.25-2.5 cm)[55]
    • Tail-length - About the length of a cat's tail; approximately a foot. (30 cm)[56]
    • Rabbit hop or rabbit length - About a foot and a half away. (45 cm)[57]
    • Mouse-length - About two or three inches. (5-7.5 cm)[1]
    • Pawstep - About the length of a grown cat's step, roughly six inches. (15 cm)[58]
    • Tree-length - About the length of a tree; around 40 to 50 feet. (15 m)[59]